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Why take the same approach when no two hires are the same?

We have the flexibility and understanding of the market to make the best approaches to the right candidates. We work in two ways:

Contingent Search - fees are only charged on successful placement or;

Retained Search - for specialist & leadership roles.

We would be delighted to discuss either approach and agree which is best for your case-by-case needs and your business as a whole.

You have to trust your recruitment partner to represent you.

It is critical to us that we represent your business in the best possible way when approaching candidates on your behalf. With extensive experience and an established reputation in Commercial Shipping as well as an honest and open approach, we can be relied upon to make professional, credible and tactful approaches.

Tired of being sold to?

You're not alone. If we have spoken to a candidate who we think would be of interest, of course we'll want to talk to you about them. But every candidate is discussed with you not 'sold' to you. This is where we come into our own with a realistic assessment of the candidate presented rather than a 1 sided 'best candidate in the world' approach... refreshing isn't it?!

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